Leadership's future is human-centered.

Nice Weather develops cultures and leaders who put humans first to achieve meteoric success.

We achieve this by empowering product and design leaders to build teams that trust more, collaborate deeper, and win together.

If you're a current or prospective leader, let's build the future together.

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how we coach

Our process starts with you. 

We take a unique approach to each individual based on their current strengths and goals.

You work with us for four months at a time, meeting at least twice a month over video for an hour-long session. This gives us enough time to begin to see real growth and changes. In between, you have unlimited access to us via email.


Start with you.

We'll identify your biggest strengths and areas you want to grow in by using the Clifton Strengths framework, as well as your life and professional goals. We'll combine these to form the blueprint for how you'll achieve any goals you want in a way that's authentic and uniquely you.


Understand your company.

Next, we'll dig deeper into understanding your company and its culture. We’ll understand your company’s values and goals, map your stakeholders, and conduct other exercises to get a holistic view of your organization. We’ll then align those with your strengths.


Co-create goals and continue supporting you.

You’ll meet with us for at least one video chat a month for feedback and mentoring. We don't put limits on the number of sessions you can have with us, book as many as you want in our time working together. Just like you, we're also invested in you succeeding.

What Happens In A Session

1. Coach & Mentor

As coaches, we realize the value in helping someone discover solutions for themselves. So before we tell you what to do, we guide you to discover the right path for yourself. We're a little like your headlamp on a hiking expedition, illuminating the path ahead.

2. Listen & Support

The best counsel starts with non-judgmental listening and understanding the full context. Only once we've listened do we give you actionable, specific, and kind feedback about how to move ahead.

3. Sponsor & Enable

We'll connect you to opportunities and people inside our network and be your advocate to them. You'll also gain the confidence to reach out to others on your own.

4. Plan & Win

We'll work with you every step of the way to reach your goals, making changes and adjustments as we go to ensure you succeed.

Book a free 30 minute session

In this session, we'll explore your goals and how we can help you. We'll also answer any questions you have. No hard sells, either. Sound good?

Where & How We Help

We design tomorrow's leaders and cultures with one-on-one coaching and group workshops.

Become A Senior Contributor

You'll become most effective self while setting new standards for what senior level people do.

Land Your First Tech Gig

If you're coming from another career path or just starting out in design, we can show you what hiring managers look for.

Succeed As A First-Time Manager

You'll learn about creating equitable hiring practices, setting leveling guidelines, and forming trust with your team and colleagues.

Craft A Customized Career Path

Learn how to map out your own career path to success and get the support you need to achieve your goals.

Build Collaborative Environments Safely

You'll know how to set up working agreements and rituals that put the focus on the work and supporting those who do it.

Book a free 30 minute session

In this session, we'll explore your goals and how we can help you. We'll also answer any questions you have. No hard sells, either. Sound good?

about us

Nice Weather isn’t your typical leadership development coach.

Would you train a basketball player the same way you would a hockey player? Of course not.

Yet that’s exactly what most design and product leadership coaches do: treat every leader the same even though they aren't. They run everyone through the same process with the same jargon-laden worksheets and same boring management books that focus on optimizing output.

This style of coaching isn’t effective, nor is it enough anymore.

To truly succeed, we must realize each person has different backgrounds, abilities, and goals. Only then do we fully unlock each leader’s potential to be their best self.

Nice Weather coaches individuals, individually.

Nice Weather is a principle-driven organization. We believe:

  • The next generation of unicorn companies and leaders are those who put humans first.
  • Each leader is unique, and understanding how to leverage their specific strengths is the key to unlocking unprecedented success for their team and company.
  • Leaders who create psychologically safe cultures have less burnout, higher cross-functional collaboration, and more effective teams.

We’re a small team of industry leaders with expertise in psychological safety, conflict resolution, and trauma-informed responses.

Joshua Mauldin, our founder, led and coached dozens of talented leaders over the years. His book on how to have hard conversations at work releases in 2023 by Rosenfeld Media.